About Darren Thompson

I come from humble beginnings, a small town in England called Gloucester where I started off in this industry as a freelance software developer whilst I ran a small auto electronics firm that installed Securicor tracking devices for Ambulances, Bullion Vans and High Performance Vehicles.

I worked on projects for the likes of Smiths Industries in Cheltenham (UK), Vosper Mantech, LG International in Korea and Land Rover to mention but a few.

Before this, I had worked in the Fragrance Industry which heavily involved an avid understanding of Marketing and Branding; little did I know how important this knowledge and expertise would become for me in the future.

I was asked by a friend of mine (David James of Enterprise Engineering) to look at their website that they had recently commissioned and to give my opinion, we went through it together and I explained all the pitfalls etc. and I was asked if I could do something better (a wager) and if I was successful they would pay me double that of the original budget…. Upon completion, he also contacted a friend of his from GR Pollard in Tewkesbury explaining “I have a Wicked Web Designer for you…” and the name has stuck ever since!

I also had the opportunity to work within the Public Sector including a Directorship of the Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration company (sanctioned by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) where we were responsible for a $1.6billion regeneration program; I gained a lot of hands on experience in the Management and Governance of a larger company which has proved extremely useful.

After working on contract for various companies involved in Internet Access via Satellite (EutelSat, BeyonDSL and Total Broadband), I was finally in a position to open a fully-fledged web development firm that within three years had four offices in India with 48 staff responsible for over 2,500 websites, working for some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies.

Our business initially came from freelancer sites, but it wasn’t before long that we had built a network of loyal web development firms through the UK, America, Canada and Australia that would outsource to us on a regular basis; it is amazing how quickly business starts finding you once you have built a reputation for yourself.

From the start of the financial crisis, we down sized the company dramatically and I started working on an in-house project to do with new and traveled the world i.e. the emerging markets.

I am delighted to report back that we have since passed the research stage for the new media company and have also laid the foundations to rebuild the web development arm of the company; I am delighted to see how many of our old loyal customers are as excited as we are to get cracking again.

We have spent the last six months building a team, putting the processes in place and taking on contracts from our old customers and will now start pushing for new business.

Of course the old brand (which is still recognised today) is not so fitting since I am now in my forties and we are in the process of re-branding under the name Thompson Media which will be official in the 3rd quarter of this year, but for now it is a name that is recognised and we are delighted to be back!

We were famous for making the process simple and easy for the customer to understand with exemplary support and in-depth training and we have developed many innovative ways to take the industry to the next level.

I have seen a lot of the world during the last 8 years and I am excited that not only are going back into our known markets, but will also be doing a lot of work for some big names in China; I look forward to growing the business and building long term relationships with our customers.

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