About Wicked Web Designer

WWD is a catalyst of the very best minds with different skills sets and talent, enabling them to work together to attain what they could otherwise never achieve on their own, to the pinnacle of excellence as we know it and often surpassing all expectations.



Consisting of 5 specialist divisions, with combined resources of almost 200 staff, we have the skill sets for anything internet related i.e. Brochure Sites, Internet Shops, Internet Marketing and Smart Phone Apps.


Our Mission

We like to think of WWD247 as a catalyst that allows the very best at what they do to work to the pinnacle of excellence that we they otherwise not achieve alone.


Our Values

We emphasise on quality and working to the pinnacle of excellence, if we do not believe we have done the very best, we will redo it until we have achieved our goal surpassing all expectations.


Our Solution

We have a consortium of the very best at what they do and choose the right person for the job and not just who we have available, to this end we can confidently let our final product speak for itself.

More About Us

Our Core Customers are Existing Retailers that have done very well at what they do via traditional bricks and mortar means and they come to us to create their offering for the wider Internet Audience.

We have an array of internet business’ that we run in-house and therefore pride ourselves for our first-hand knowledge and experience in what it takes to run an internet business.

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