We intend to fill this page with Video Testimonials from Satisfied Customers; we wish to do them in a Case Study format to give you an idea as to how we do things and what we can do for you.

If you have worked with us within the last few months and are prepared to provide us with a testimonial, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we promise you and enjoyable occasion!

"Excellent communication, extremely easy to work."

Many thanks Darren. Excellent communication, extremely easy to work with at a distance and most of all, great technical knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to the job.

Mediterranean Direct

Graham Ditchfield - Mediterranean Direct

"Darren has shown himself to be a true Joomla! Professional."

I met Darren on Linkedin when looking for help and advice for a Joomla website I was working on; he was very helpful, courteous and put me on the right track; he has shown himself to be a true Joomla professional and I would recommend his services without a doubt.


Alfredo Henriod - Web Developer

"Thanks for the logo Darren, great value for money."

I enjoyed working with Darren, he is personable and interested in aligning his ideas to the client's needs.


Yvonne A - 25SIXTEEN

"Darren is a very creative, productive and high energy Entrepreneur"

Darren is a creative, productive and high energy Entrepreneur with an array of proven skills and experience in communications, web design, business acumen and marketing/sales. He understands customer needs and how to deliver on time that wow the client every time.

Hewlett Packard

Gerry Nolan - Hewlett Packard

"He knows his stuff. I will use Darren again"

Darren was on the ball, dilligent, informative and more importantly, solved an issue we were having where everyone else could only provide a worst case scenario before they had even started (and looking to bill me that). Darren found the problem, resolved it with no fuss.....that's the type of problem solver we need. He knows his stuff. I will use Darren again.

Chilli Cam

Paul Bradley - Chilli-Tech.com

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