I’ve been working harder this year than normal to get ready for what I believe to be the largest paradigm shift in Web Development, Smart Phone Apps and Internet of Things since the dawn of the Internet itself… I was so sure of it i.e. I knew beyond any doubt why it wasn’t going to be 2017, but this year – it was a sure thing! I was pretty sure it would happen in the first quarter and if not, then the second quarter at the very least and that would be even better for me, as I could put of the additional expense a little longer… Nothing happened – not a sausage!

This was going to be a very expensive transition for sure and I was getting ready for it… But like everyone else, I did nothing; just waited until the change I was waiting for to come into play and only do them when I had no choice! It was pretty depressing to realise what we were all doing, but business is business and as long as competitors of any good quality were not prepared to drop their prices, neither should we; why would anyone in their right mind sell anything for $10.00 the rest of the world was ready to pay $20.00?

Well the entire world are a fickle bunch and only prepared to pay $20.00 for something until such a time as they see they should be paying $10.00 and it’s my intension to let that cat out of the bag and then some! It’s funny to think that the reason I was holding back, was due to the cost of implementing the changes. I was prepared however to invest in all of this once everyone else had to too… and it is this thought that now propels me forward.

Looking at what all the greats in IT have had to go through, their setbacks and success, I see that what we have to go through is so much easier thanks to them as we stand on the shoulders of giants; I often wondered why that commercial “Think different” which talks about those crazy enough to think they can change the work had not been remade as a tribute to Steve Jobs and the legacy he has left.

Perhaps there is truth in the old adage that if you want something doing, do it yourself and I have taken the liberty of doing just that! This video was a delight to put together and I look forward putting together the processes and methodologies in place that will change the internet as we know it and take us to the very next level; I can't take the credit for most of this, but I will definitely do my best to get things out ahead of time!

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