How much does a Website Cost?

I have had to recently compile a list of frequently asked questions for our business and it was a great way of getting into the minds of our clients and prospects; it was no surprise that the most common question is “How much does a Website Cost?” – but it is impossible to answer with a paragraph in a FAQs section! To this end I have put together a video that explains why marketing specialists and web developers ask what they ask and how actually, it should be you who decides upon the budget and how you should go about calculating what that should be.

Internet Hosting Explained

With website hosting available so cheap these days (even for free) one can be mistaken for thinking that good web hosting should therefore not cost anything, however for such low prices – they do come with a reduced level of service.

When we meet clients for the first time, although we are there predominantly to offer web development services and internet marketing etc. We do make an effort to explain the fundamentals behind good web hosting from the get go, as this forms the foundation of whatever we are working on.

The Importance of Testing your Team

We routinely use specialist freelancers and outsource work to Offshore Development Companies to keep the numbers up and allow us to meet demands; however to ensure we maintain quality however, each individual member of the team is tested and we review their own personal portfolios (not that of a company that they work for) prior to any work being given.

We then of course keep their details and will continue to use them as valued members of our team thereafter; this lengthy testing procedure of course means that not all members of a company are approved and can work on our projects and you will be amazed and just how many fail. In this video I explain a little more about the process and give you some real examples of how coders and designers can fail.

It just goes to show that if we have to test so much when bolstering our team with specialist coders and designers prior to using them and cannot just rely on gut instinct after 20 years in this business, what chance has the average lay person got when choosing one directly? I cannot stress it enough when I say test your team, or use us! )))

Portfolio & Testimonials

We have an extensive portfolio, but of course cannot show everything…

If you cannot find an example of what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask for some.

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