A brochure site contains all of the information about your company, your products and services and all that you would expect to see in a brochure; if you have no intension of selling your products online, accept payments online and then arrange delivery – then you need a brochure site!

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What is a CMS ?

CMS stands for Content Management System and it is what allows you to edit and add content to your website without having to go back to your web developer each time you need an alteration.

There are three main CMS platforms to date which are WorpPress, Joomla and Drupal; some companies have their own system, but I would stand well clear of them, as proprietory systems cannot be transferred elsewhere and if you ever want to leave the firm and have somebody else maintain the site, you will have to buy a new site and go through a lot of inconvenience. If however your development firm disappears however and you are using one of the above, you will be able to find hundreds if not thousands of developers who understand the CMS and can take over almost instantly.

WP v Joomla v Drupal

Which is the best ?

It depends on your company’s requirements i.e. what you want the site for; WordPress is the most popular for a reason i.e. it is very easy to learn and does most things that an average website could ever need. Joomla however is much more powerful, but is more complicated to learn, so if you don’t need additional functionality than WordPress offers, then the answer is of course be WordPress.

WP, Joomla and Drupal Popularity Chart

I have had instances however that because the staff within a company had experience with Joomla, it made sense to stick with it for the new site, as this would avoid unnecessary training.

Last but not least is Drupal which is like the Rolls Royce of CMS and ideal for sites that will contain a lot of content and have a lot of visitors etc. Yes it will take a lot more to learn, but it will do a lot more for the company and streamline a lot of processes. So if you have complex functionality requirements and a lot of content, this will be the solutions for you.


You will of course have to delegate the task of keeping the site up to date to a specific member of staff within your company or quite possibly multiple members of staff; either way, unless they have experience already, you will need training.

We are in the process of putting together video tutorials for all three main CMS’ that will be available free of charge; for now however we will help you find local training for your staff (there are many providers) and can even recommend reference books.  

We are be more than happy to go through the decision process with you; if you have any further questions, please to not hesitate to contact us.

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Word Press

Word Press was initially developed for the use of Blogging i.e. an electronic journal; is has evolved too offer a lot more, but is still pretty basic in functionality compared to the other to; it is the most popular in the world, as its basic functionality is often enough to suits most requirements and it Is the easiest to learn how to you.

Within a couple of weeks, anybody with a reasonable literacy of computers can learn how to use it.

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Joomla is the successor of a system that was called Mambo and very popular in the 90’s. It offers a lot more functionality and flexibility than that of Word Press, but it takes almost twice as long i.e. at least a month to learn how to use than Word Press.

If someone within your organisation already has experience using it however, then it would make sense to use it and take care of their knowledge, but if the functionality of WP is enough for at least the next 12 month or more, then there is no need to invest in Joomla.

If however you need more functionality and flexibility that WP has to offer, Joomla maybe the right option for you.

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Drupal, the least popular of the three is the Rolls Royce and the most powerful of the three most Popular CMS on the Market; the bottom line is, if you can do what you need with this one, you will not be able to perform what you require without a completely bespoke solution.

This platform is used by the likes of the White House, Australian Government, MTV and countless magazines. Although it is the most flexible and powerful, it does need a lot more training i.e. at least a couple of months and should only be considered if you really need it.

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