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If whenever asked who your target audience is, you find yourself answering “whoever is interested in our products…” I am pretty safe to say that you don’t have a marketing strategy and are not yet ready for the development of your website.

There is nothing stopping you creating your website first, but you will find yourself revisiting your website later when you do get round to it and most likely repeating the whole process again and wasting money you would have only spent once, had you put together a well-defined strategy from the beginning.

A website in order to be successful needs to have purpose (which usually comes from the strategy), be an integral part of the strategy and a catalyst the helps convert prospects to loyal clients by way of calls to action along the journey and to facilitate the service of your existing clients on an ongoing basis.

In the mid-nineties, our clients were the early adopters (in our case mainly engineering firms and technology orientated companies) who understood there would be a learning curve and we found ourselves heavily involved with directors of the company and personnel from their marketing department as we worked out together what indeed the website could do for them; a main onus of the site was to demonstrate that they were at the cutting edge of technology.

By the mid-naughties things had changed, we had already seen the dot com bust and there a focus on sites from the early adopters to actually make money and clearly show a return on investment; at this time most clients were blue chip companies working with marketing agencies that came to us with all the information and resources we required in order to deliver their requirement.

By the mid-twenty-tens, we now find ourselves greeting the later adaptors  which includes almost all the 288 types of company from blue-chip accountancy firms right through to plumbers and electricians. For companies with marketing experience or even a marketing department, we can work with them to get the information we need to drill down and create the all-important proposal outlining what we can offer, but for the smaller firms who have no experience in branding and marketing, we offer to work with them on this first in order to ensure that the site will indeed be a success.

If you would like further details as to what we can do for you by way of a marketing strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free survey.

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